Who is Mirenda?



Some singers own the stage but Mirenda is famous for owning the stage, the dance floor and sometimes the audiences personal space when she performs!


After moving to Ireland in 2005 Mirenda has sold out theatres and made several television appearances including, BBC TV, TG4, and RTE. She is a freelance presenter for BBC Radio and has performed in the Cork Jazz, Derry Jazz, and Dublin City Soul Festivals.


Mirenda grew up outside of Washington DC within a tight Christian community. Her early musical exposure was limited to gospel music and negro spirtuals.


As a teen, she happened upon a whole new musical soundscape when she discovered Blues and Jazz. Bille Holiday and Bessie Smith became formative influcences who remained constant companions on her musical journey.


She reconciled her spiritual background and love dramatic music by studying classical music in college. After only 1 ½ years of Operatic training, Mirenda found herself singing Blues, Jazz, and Rock in tiny music venues from Oklahoma to DC.


“I knew I wasn’t cut out for Opera. If I have a choice between a big Wagnerian Horn Helmet or an evening dress with flowers in my hair – the evening dress wins hands down. I want to be able to connect with my audience More than anything else, I need to be able to croon what Im feeling. Jazz, soul, funk, blues, or whatever im feeling.”