Performance Workshops

Performance Workshops


Learn to…

- appear natural on staged

- communicate comfortably with your audience

– shake off nervous habits when performing

- cope with stage fright

- make adrenaline your friend


Group Workshops (2 hours)

For any group of performers, including Bands & Choirs. The principles taught in this workshop will help get an audience to emotionally invest in your performance.



One to One Coaching (1 hour)

This workshop is suited to new and seasoned performers. Learn to shed preperformance jitters, nervous performance habits, and appear relaxed in front of your audience.


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Do your knees turn to jelly when you stand in front of 3 or more people?


Are you a band, choir or artist seeking to improve your Stage Prescence?


You have rehersed, you know your material and are ready to perform. All you need to do is shake off those last few nervous habits and perform with confience.